HOUE Consult is an independent consultancy company.

HOUE Consult works within the private sector, public sector and within civil society.

Main focus is organisational development, leadership development, capacity building and MEL – Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Approach and method

HOUE Consult has worked with a wide variety of assignments during the years.

From leadership development in the Health Department in Greenland, to organisational development of private companies in Denmark, to capacity building of the Danish Association of the Physically Disabled.

HOUE Consult uses a variety of methods, approaches and analytical tools to engage with and work with customers.

The methods and approaches draw on everything from the development sector. This includes Logical Framework Approach, different methods of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, facilitation and methods for organisational development in Civil Society Organisations.

This is combined with theory and praxis rooted in a Systemic Approach, drawing on philosophy and theories of people, communication and organisation.

The focus is always praxis – and how we influence our own and others realities in a constructive and positive way.

HOUE Consult supplement all of the above with Insights Preference Tests – combining insight into personal preferences, with theory and praxis about change on a organisational level.


Professionel experience:

November 13 – present: Social Entrepreneur / Owner of HOUE Consult. Focusing on developing better social worlds through leadership development, organizational development and play. Assignments for Danish Foreign Ministry (Uganda), Forbrugerrådet TÆNK, SOS Børnebyerne, CISU, Deres Auto, Grønlands Revisionskontor, Den Danske Afghanistan Komite, Børnefonden, Dansk Handikap Forbund, KVINFO m. fl.

November 15 – present: Partner RumbleTumble Universe. Social entrepreneurship focusing on developing products for children age 5-11.

April 2011 – present: Member of board – Coop Amba – the Cooperative Retail division in Denmark.

November 13 – 2017: Chief Consultant MacMann Berg. Independent consultant working under MacMann Bergs umbrella. Assignments for Accoat, Albertslund Kommune, Nyborg Kommune (Health and elder care), Herning Kommune, Health Department of Greenland and many others.

August 07 – November 13: CISU – Civil Society in Development. CSO Consultant/Advisor and Campaign Coordinator on national information campaign. Responsible for development of courses for member organizations, budget for courses and implementation of courses according to priorities and desires among member organizations among other things.

September 10 – 2012: Guest teacher at Via University College at various courses, including Project Management. Part time while full time CISU.

February 07 – July 07: Various tasks at The Project Training and Advice Center, planning for and development off course on development in conflict areas, meetings with members of the Project Advice and Training Centre, Participating in different workgroups at the Secretariat. (Part time job)

March 07 – July 07: ICTUS Fair Trade. Marketing and product development. (Part time job)

September 06 – Feb. 07: The Project Advice and Training Centre. Various project oriented assignments. Revision and development of LFA guide. Investigation on Micro Finance – potentials and pitfalls in Danish NGOs, Planning courses and teaching course on development in conflict areas.

July 04 – February 06: The Committee for Solidarity with Central America. Project Coordinator and Consultant stationed in Managua, Nicaragua, but working in the whole region.


January 14 – June 14: MacMann Berg, Leader and Consultant Education (six months)

August 01 – August 06: University of Aarhus, Denmark. Masters Sociology of Religion and Social Sciences.

August 96 – July 01: University of Aarhus, Denmark. Bachelor in Sociology of Religion and Social Sciences.

September 99 – July 04: Aarhus Fire- and Rescue School. Education as a firefighter, rescue personnel and first aid assistant.

July 92 – July 95: Aarhus Statsgymnasium, mathematical student.

Supplementary courses:

Spring 2018: Design Thinking in Leadership. Leading through design. Kolding School of Design.

Fall 2017: Play User Lab. Design Thinking and Play. Collaboration between Kolding School of Design and Capital of Children Billund. (8 days of theory and praxis, and final product development)

Spring 2015: Value adding Board – CBS Executive special designed for Coop (4 days)

May 2013: INTRAC – Advanced Partner Capacity Building

October 2012: INTRAC – Organisational Development

November 2012: MANGO – Financial management for Effective Programmes: A Programme Officers Survival Guide.

October – December 2011: Kaospiloterne – Process management. 6 day course.

September 2007: Update – Danish School for Journalism. Improve your writing process. Three day course.

November 06: Bistandstorget, Oslo, Norway. Course on “Conflict Sensitive Approaches to Development”, Two day course.

July 04 – September 05:  Various courses in Nicaragua. Among others 4 day courses on “Land Legalization and Farmers Rights”, development and participation in course “Womens Participation”, course on “Organization of Cooperatives in Local Communities”, and shorter half day course on the obligations as official observer during elections.

02 forward: Various short courses at The Project Advice and Training Centre, among others “Organizational Development and Capacity Building”, “Monitoring and Evaluation”, “Accountancy and Budgets”, “Exchange of Experiences: Start-up, monitoring and phasing out of development projects”, “Cooperation between businesses and NGOs” and “Conflict sensitive approaches to development”

2000: Interdisciplinary Course – “Approaches to Development” 6 months course as part of University degree, Department of Political Science, University of Aarhus, Denmark.


HOUE Consult was established as an ApS in 2013. It is owned fully by Nicolai Houe through HOUE Holding.

HOUE Consult does not hire other consultants. Rather, we collaborate with different consultants depending on the assignment and the focus. In this way it is possible to find the most appropiate fit for the specific assignment.

HOUE Consult often takes on the position as team-lead in the assignments.



HOUE Consult work out of Play Hub Aarhus. Play Hub is a civil society organisation working to promote play. Play Hub runs an office in the vibrant center of Aarhus – located on the harbour.

HOUE Consult can be contacted through email: nhoue@hotmail.com

And through mobile-phone on: 2871 4796