Approach and method

HOUE Consult has worked with a wide variety of assignments during the years.

From leadership development in the Health Department in Greenland, to organisational development of private companies in Denmark, to capacity building of the Danish Association of the Physically Disabled.

HOUE Consult uses a variety of methods, approaches and analytical tools to engage with and work with customers.

The methods and approaches draw on everything from the development sector. This includes Logical Framework Approach, different methods of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, facilitation and methods for organisational development in Civil Society Organisations.

This is combined with theory and praxis rooted in a Systemic Approach, drawing on philosophy and theories of people, communication and organisation.

The focus is always praxis – and how we influence our own and others realities in a constructive and positive way.

HOUE Consult supplement all of the above with Insights Preference Tests – combining insight into personal preferences, with theory and praxis about change on a organisational level.